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Long Race Horse


Magazine | Dec 22, 1997

Naidu: Long Race Horse

THE Andhra Pradesh chief minister has acquired the reputation of an efficient administrator with a vision to match—probably the best man to lead the Front.
The economic resurgence in Andhra—encapsulated in his personal computer—is highly regarded, and a role model for many states. Makes him a natural ally of industry, which would like to back him. In political circles, he is regarded as a 'long race horse'.

He once reportedly declined the PM's post after Deve Gowda quit, realising that there was no point in holding office for a few months.

During the United Front crises, he was regarded as the troubleshooter for the Front. Shuttling between Hyderabad and Delhi, he kept the Front going with his excellent equations with all the United Front constituents—from Mulayam to Karunanidhi.

With his arrival on the national scene, the Andhra Pradesh Bhavan in Delhi has become a hotbed for political meetings, where leaders of all hues come together.

He is also well liked all around, including the central Congress leadership, though in the state he is head-on with the Congress. Moreover, he is not afraid to experiment. Addressed a rally organised by Mulayam Singh Yadav in Lucknow in Hindi, drawing applause from pro-Hindi Mulayam Singh.

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