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He always considered rural development and environment protection.

According to him
"Itís our responsibility to give our future generations a better environment"

A lot of emphasis was laid on
water conservation and water harvesting during his reign. Chandrababu Naidu took up a campaign for sensitizing the people of the State and the administration for better water management to prevent drought.

Launching of an innovative program called Neeru Meeru, formation of Watershed Committees, promotion of Water Shed development were taken up in the State for better water management.

These programmes have been inspired a voluntary participatory movement amongst the citizens of the state towards water conservation.
Due to this campaign a number of households built rain water-harvesting structures.

His Political Philosophy is "History cannot afford a political vice, or civilization a holiday". He knew too well that opportunity comes only once, and if missed, we go right back, or worse. To him All power lies with people, we don`t rule them, we provide them with governance, and we owe them a good government.

A SMART government, one of his several coinages, reflects his inner political clarity and sense of accountability. History according to him is too full of wasted chance, and could no longer afford leader`s vice. No dinners for ministers, no garlands at public functions, no personal paraphernalia, no showbiz or sycophancy.

Simple and moral are the fundamentals to watch. Civilization cannot afford to go to sleep, he repeats, and adds, we need to work incessantly.

His leaders and party cadre, and the government setup too, took lessons from his own 18-hours-a-day schedule, and followed suit.

His popularity rose, not because of publicity but performance.

Accountability was another factor he introduced. He went to the people, surprised as they were, to find a government at their doorstep. His surprise checks to ensure work was done, and pulling-up slack officials and rewarding merit, won the people`s hearts.

Above all a
transparent government. Long preached but always elusive, it was achieved. People were made partners in the development process, and equally responsible.

Everyone must work and achieve. Only then the goal could be reached, but the goal now had a name: Swarnandhra Pradesh.

Letís make his Goal A achievable task

Letís support him to bring back On Role

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