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His intellect, vision and vigour forecast the future of AP

During his period, the state of Andhra Pradesh became the leading investment destination in the country through his reformist policies. A very rare leader who has implemented an ambitious strategy that unfolds in a synergy of technology and innovation aimed at socio-economic development in Andhra Pradesh, which rolled out as his Vision 2020 programme.

In a short term he has transformed the city of
Hyderabad to Cyberabad (Cyber City)

Created a history, by transforming the image of city from Charminar to Hi-Tech City.

Considered the subcontinent’s most visionary politician, in just five years, he has turned an impoverished, rural backwater into India’s new information-technology hub. More importantly, he shook up the state’s comatose administration into the most efficient civil service in South Asia.

His Vision involved transforming Andhra Pradesh into a haven of prosperity in a short period, merely by adopting a better commercial and corporate style of management of the human and material resources of the State.

Under NCBN, AP was 22nd among Indian states in 1995-96. It moved up to the 5th place in 1996-1997. It was the 3rd best place to invest in after Maharashtra and Gujarat (Business Today survey – 2000) and 2nd in terms of investor perception

He modernised administration by computerizing a number of Government Operations and took initiatives for the convenience of public like eSeva through which all the utility bills and taxes could be paid at a single counter

He was also instrumental in the development of the new Hyderabad international airport.
During his tenure many ports and IT parks were developed with private public partnership

He has a firm conviction that modern technology should be used in the service of the common man.

His style of functioning is more alike to that of a CEO rather than a traditional politician

He would like the State to be run professionally as an efficient organization rather than as a bureaucracy.

This visionary`s vision for the future includes multidimensional development for all the citizens of the state.

A Biotech park was also established in the City. This all was made possible because of Chandrababu`s instrumental role and intension to make Andhra Pradesh the number-one destination in the field of BioTechnology

His approach was effective in overcoming the routine bureaucratic delays in the course of responding to issues of immediate public concern.

A video conferencing unit was set up which enabled him to simultaneously address all District Collectors on a regular basis, or consult the Cabinet ministers on various issues like the electric power situation in various districts, the Clean and Green program, Rythu bazaars (farmer's Shop), monitoring of commodity prices, implementation of road works, public health & sanitation, and law and order.

Naidu is well known for innovative concepts and programmes.
"Dial your Chief Minister" programme, telecast by the Doordarshan Kendra of Hyderabad is one such programme which is telecast every Monday. Naidu addresses the citizens over a large number of issues.

A subject is identified for the week and the citizens come up with their problems and communicate it to Naidu . The "Dial your Chief Minister" programme is very popular with the citizens and the viewership of the programme is rated very high.

He expedited decision making within the government by making effective use of communication

Let his vision for AP remain active

Let's support him to foresee a better development in the state and in the country.

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